Lyme Kingston 2017 

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Public Health of Canada (PHAC)

Field Studies -Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens National Microbiology Laboratory

Submission Form: Passive Surveillance for Blacklegged ticks


               Ontario Health

You can take the tick – in its secure container – to your doctor, health care professional or local public health unit. If appropriate, they will send it to the Public Health Ontario Laboratory for identification.

By bringing a tick in for identification, you help us keep track of tick populations, growth and movement.

Surveillance For for Black legged ticks only in Ontario

               LLOYD LAB

They will identify the species of ticks(all) sent to Mount Allison University and test them for Borrelia, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. 

Tick Testing

      "Care Plus" home tick test


Self tick testing kits came out in May 2016 at The Ottawa Conference, I do not know what the status of the investigation is currently.  Previous reports suggested review was forthcoming. 

Tick testing should not be used for diagnosis.  Some testing can take weeks to get results, and transmission cannot be determined.  Remember....many ticks carry many diseases, Lyme is only one of them.   Diagnosis should always be a clinical one based on individual presentation, NEVER testing alone.

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